Grundschulklasse 4A

"Recently i had been invited this week to speak at a school in art classes. Not at the Bauhaus University but in a very smart elementary school. Showing the kids some of my graffiti works, speaking about vinyl toys and answering them all their questions. Also doing some live drawing for them on a canvas for their class room. The kids were super excited about having me there. I guess back in the days when i was their age i would have been blasted too to see some modern arts instead of some old farts.
I then also asked them to join in to draw on a paper with our Teddy Trooper shape lines and bring in their phantasy and skills.
Here are all the funky results (in no particular order).
Thanx to all the cool kids of "Klass 4A" and their lovely teacher Miss H. for having me as a guest!"