11. October 2020
Time by time we stock the shelves with some easy-doodle works... Förtress' marker collection had to be re-activated... A little random selection below. Some are available here: https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/category/artwork
01. September 2020
Several Teddy Troops related visuals for FÖRTRESS' little pop-up show/shop "Eendagsvlieg" at the SIDEWALK GALLERY — the "smallest gallery in the Netherlands"! — in Leeuwarden/NL last weekend. Contact the gallery for available art/prints/merch. A little stack of the "FDC Wingman NL Edition" prints made it in our shop: www.teddytroops.bigcartel.com
13. August 2020
Today starts the Kickstarter campain for the "CANBOT 3oz - Limited Blind Box Series 01" by CLUTTER Magazine. Head over and give your support so we can bring this to life and 3D vinyl! "Limited edition collectible toys by 16 world-famous artists. Brought to you by the original Toy Mafia Clutter & UK street artist Czee13" And guess who's onboard...? Yes! Our Basic Teddy Trooper joins forces! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clutter/canbot-3oz-limited-edition-art-toy-blindbox-series
29. July 2020
Just released a handprinted super limited edition with EISVOGEL-NOTES. Eisvogel - Flying Förtress Bundle | Limited Screenprint Edition BUNDLE SET: * eisvøgel incl. 2-colors screenprint / edition of 15 pcs only * on special "aqua" cover fabric * inside: 3x booklets (choose your mix of different kind of booklets) * additional DIN A5 sized screenprint (14,8 x 21,0 cm) / 2-colors / numbered (edition of 30 pcs only) * additional eisvøgel pencil * additional stickerpaket by Flying Förtress You...
15. July 2020
While having a bit of "some extra spare-time" while pandemic lockdown iw orked out a couple of new design projects. While waiting for the next wave of Teddy Troops vinyl figures we just just released this new print edition exclusively with URBANSHIT GALLERY to start our colaboration. Please head over to their website to get your hands on your copy of the "Troopical Thunder" print. Details: - titel: "Troopical Thunder" - by FLYING FÖRTRESS - exclusive & limited print edition with URBANSHIT...
29. June 2020
"Letterpress Winglogo" / print by FLYING FÖRTRESS Have a look on these nice embossed letterpress details on that classic "Winglogo" design! Wo-haaa-Haaammer! We used a lot of grid/Raster to show more of the embossed effekt on the color areas. Printed in Germany by NoKiss.Print (instagram: nokiss.print) • 3x PANTONE color letterpress print • size: 20,0 x 30,0 cm (approx. 7.9 x 11.8 inches) • on 300 g/m² cotton paper • embossed FÖRTRESS logo • signed & numbered by the artist •...
22. June 2020
Together with Helping-Art.de we released this new support-support t-shirt. The exclusive purple-blue version for my webshop is already SOLD OUT! But you can still get the red-yellow version at the Helping-Art.de webshop! There are also a bunch more cool designs to choose from!
22. May 2020
S.U.P.E.R.S.H.A.R.P. Trooper! The 10incher "Behr Katt" Teddy Trooper. A new custom work from maestro MUFFINMAN! It's his contrubution to the groushow "Tattooine Toy Cantina" hosted by Martian Toys at the MothershipToyGallery. What to say? Be carfull! Super sharp!
15. May 2020
These new sets gonna get online tomorrow MAY 16th 2020 / 2pm CET! www.teddytroops.bigcartel.net Details: - „FÖRTBRÄU“ / new keychain limited edition / set - design concept by FLYING FÖRTRESS / keychain hand-made by MUFFINMAN - set contains 1x keychain + 1x print + 1x big sticker pack - limited edition of 20 sets - keychain is numbered on backside of the header card - each unique artwork / unique used beer cap inside / handmade / collector’s item - comes in set with 1x limited print...
15. May 2020
We made it! We made it to the "Hall Of Fame"! Thank you CLUTTER MAGAZINE for the "Designer Toy Award 2019"! I love the "award"-figure design by Pete Fowler. Indeed Fowler's and Jarvis' toys made me get into collecting vinyls years ago (and later designing vinyl figures myself). And so does my little girl and so the award already made it her personal property in her room... :-) Each one teach one...

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