08. June 2021
Also i finished this canvas i started in 2016-or-so for my ongoing artwork series "Train Model Trooper". This "The Big AKN" is one of the 3x bigger artworks i did (beside the "Colibri" and "Istanbul"). These "AKN" train models were running on a private line in Hamburg/DE and got sold to a scrap yard place. It was a fun action night to paint them at an un-usual stop-over place at the habour, on their way to the graveyard. We gave them some colorful "last funeral cortege". As these cars were...
07. June 2021
Also we found this last set of 4x canvases in the back of the storerooms... And FÖRTRESS finished them finally. The last concert of the KISS cover-band! - "R.E.S.S. Troopers - The Last Concert of The KISS Cover-Band" - set of 4x artworks by FLYING FÖRTRESS - year: 2013-2021 - acrylic&marker on canvas cardboards - size each: 30x40cm SOLD! But we have others...! ;-) Feel free to write a postcard or an e-mail if you're interested in owning an original artwork for your home or tresor:...
04. June 2021
See what i found while doing some warehouse clearance.... I need to give them to a new home. I first wanted to do a "bidder battle" but i am too laty to handle the communication that comes with such a thing. So i just put them up in the shop... - 1x "Skull Variant" / 3" Teddy Trooper 1.0 / Series 3 / - 1x "Buffmonster 10" customized Teddy Trooper" (from the 25 edition)
25. May 2021
Sharp like a samurai sword! Deadly like tiger claws! An amazing wow!-wow! 10" custom Teddy Trooper by avatar_chakal. Samurai! Aiii! Follow him on Instagram for more sharpness: https://www.instagram.com/avatar_chakal/
18. May 2021
Sgt. Teddy's head with helmet turned into some new pin release. Comes in the classic "Basic Trooper" color-way and it's flip-flop variant. • set of 2x "Sgt. Teddy's Head" pins / red & blue • soft enamel pins with black painted nickel material • size each pin: ca. 2,7 x 2,5 cm / approx. 1.1 x 0.9 inches • 2x rubber clutches on each pin's backside • on display-card https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/
17. May 2021
Here we have some brandnew photos of the "just landed" customized "classic 10-incher" Teddy Trooper. It's an "update" colaboration of FLYING FÖRTRESS and LYRIC_ONE. Originally the "SAIGON SQUAD" was made in 2006 by FLYING FÖRTRESS (one of his rare handpainted original customized Teddy Troops figures!) for a group show of custom TTs. But then he got lost.... missing in action. And returned damaged and wounded a couple of years later... So last year FÖRTRESS joined forces with LYRIC_ONE to...
05. May 2021
The drunk crash-pilot has landed! "SPEC OPS" Teddy Troops / special edition! "Blue Camo" or "Sand Camo" variants available now. Brought to you by FLYING FÖRTRESS & ARTOYZ.FR EXCLUSIVE OFFER in our shop! We only have a few copies in stock. But these vinyls are exclusively signed by FLYING FÖRTRESS! Each vinyl figures is signed with black marker (on the backside) . And also each packaging-box is signed on the box's front. A bit more pricy but "Ready-to-go" for a big cut at the second-market...
11. April 2021
"FDC Feldpost & FDC Luftpost" / print set by FLYING FÖRTRESS Printed on unique original vintage "FDCs - First Day Covers" by Deutsche Post/German Post (a thing from "stamp collecting"). Each print is unique due to the different stamps & designs of the FDCs! The "FDC Feldpost Basic" edition comes in 4x different colors to choose from: orange - grey - silver - blue / ...and has 1x original stamp on each letter. The "FDC Feldpost Green" has a totally all-new green print colorway and is...
08. March 2021
We got in another few boxes of the DIY CMYK Troopers sets. Also with that original hand-drawn customizing job on it (f you prefer...)! As stock last! https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/product/teddy-troops-diy-cmyk-set-vinyl-toy
08. March 2021
This "Verjagt den Sprühdosenteufel!" design is a rip-off/tribute from FLYING FÖRTRESS of an old 80's BRD-style sticker design. First made to appear as a sticker design in the ongoing "sticker pack" selection. And now available for pre-order to have it on a t-shirt! Together with illhill.de we collect pre-orders for the next 7 days. After that illhill will print the shirts/orders in their very own screen-print workshop. So don't hesitate to get your copy quick for the upcoming spring and...

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