17. September 2021
FLYING FÖRTRESS will be live at the ARTOYZ store&gallery tomorrow on Saturday September 18th 2021. We will release the new 6" Teddy Troops then. FÖRTRESS will be cuffed to the shop's desk to sign the new vinyls for you there! https://artoyz.com/shop/en/content/28-artoyz-paris Artoyz Paris 83 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris Mail: shop@artoyz.com Tél: 0142332670 Metro: M° Louvre-Rivoli ou Chatelet - les Halles
17. September 2021
A bad moon's rising because if it lies - it dice!
15. September 2021
Alert! Something is finally landing this Saturday September 18th 2021! Paris - be aware! :-)
03. September 2021
"Travel Memories #10 - The Bounty Hunter Tales" by FLYING FÖRTRESS Or "My Trip In Carbonit"... to all my favourite creatures from the other galaxy. Limited edition of the new print design from the "Travel Memories" series by FLYING FÖRTRESS. https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/product/the-bounty-hunter-tales-print Details: "Travel Memories #10 - The Bounty Hunter Tales" • highly pigmented fine art print on satin matte white 300g/qm paper • signed by FLYING FÖRTRESS • embossed FÖRTRESS...
31. August 2021
Not just another "warehouse clearance/foundling"... This Kaiju Trooper has been on my personal collection wall since 2010... But now it's time to let him/her go. To do more colorful destruction at someone else's place! Originally from 2010 but pimped-up with a color-fitting "shadow frame" right now in 2021 for a final tough. https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/product/kaiju-trooper-artwork - "Kaiju Trooper" - original handpainted artwork by FLYING FÖRTRESS - acrylic, spray & marker on canvas...
25. August 2021
A big Trooper coming in a big "classic Förtress" colorway (see also on the classic "MOTHER" print and other work from FÖRTRESS... it became a little "signature colorway"). "Multona" colors on the Trooper and inside the "shadow frame". Just a colorful crunched spray-can Trooper! - "Big Multona Trooper" - original handpainted artwork by FLYING FÖRTRESS - acrylic, marker & industrial marker on canvas (4cm deep) - inside black & custom color "shadow frame" - ready to hang - size: 60x80cm...
06. August 2021
People keep asking for some "small Trooper canvases"... so here we go! We have a series of 5x identical (same-same-but-different) blue Troopers on canvas. "Blauer Börsen Bär" - "Blue Exchange Bear" https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/product/blauer-borsen-bar-artwork-series We will do an "stock-exchange"-style release here... supply and demand! Angebot und Nachfrage! A bit like a bargain "share issue" release price at the beginning... with rising stock prices one after another to reach "regular...
08. June 2021
Also i finished this canvas i started in 2016-or-so for my ongoing artwork series "Train Model Trooper". This "The Big AKN" is one of the 3x bigger artworks i did (beside the "Colibri" and "Istanbul"). These "AKN" train models were running on a private line in Hamburg/DE and got sold to a scrap yard place. It was a fun action night to paint them at an un-usual stop-over place at the habour, on their way to the graveyard. We gave them some colorful "last funeral cortege". As these cars were...
07. June 2021
Also we found this last set of 4x canvases in the back of the storerooms... And FÖRTRESS finished them finally. The last concert of the KISS cover-band! - "R.E.S.S. Troopers - The Last Concert of The KISS Cover-Band" - set of 4x artworks by FLYING FÖRTRESS - year: 2013-2021 - acrylic&marker on canvas cardboards - size each: 30x40cm SOLD! But we have others...! ;-) Feel free to write a postcard or an e-mail if you're interested in owning an original artwork for your home or tresor:...
04. June 2021
See what i found while doing some warehouse clearance.... I need to give them to a new home. I first wanted to do a "bidder battle" but i am too laty to handle the communication that comes with such a thing. So i just put them up in the shop... - 1x "Skull Variant" / 3" Teddy Trooper 1.0 / Series 3 / - 1x "Buffmonster 10" customized Teddy Trooper" (from the 25 edition)

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