25. May 2023
Finally! The 2x new 6" Teddy Troops just arrived at the ARTOYZ's port! The brand new (re)designed 6inch "Shark" and the "Shaved" Teddy Troopers. With these being released we do have the set-of-3 complete. Like with the 6" Basic Red Teddy Trooper we have all 3x original designs from the very first release in 2004: Basic (Red) - Shark - Shaved. Just BIGGER! (6inch instead of 3inch) ...and BETTER! (the new 2.0 shape by MUFFINMAN and with the removable helmet) Available here now:...
04. May 2023
"Vintage Toy" or "Cinema" colorway? Which one is your favourite? "Bob Trooper Vintage Toy Colorway" available here now: https://www.urbanshit-gallery.com/en/art/bob-trooper-vintage-toy-colorway/ "Bob Trooper Cinema Colorway" (private collection) May the Fört be with you!
27. April 2023
"Cropped Star Trooper" / series of 4 single artworks by FLYING FÖRTRESS. Looking good together as a set of 4 but also as a single piece in your collection! Artworks going live later today: April 27th, 2023 / 7pm CEST (10am PST) https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/category/artwork
20. March 2023
20. March 2023
New stickers and a new canvas series of four "Spiked Star Troopers". SOLD OUT! https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/category/artwork
03. January 2023
06. September 2022
With a bit of delay due to the Covid restriction the last years here is the 10-years-plus-2,5-years anniversary of AxSxA Amsterdam Street Art at the GO GALLERY in Amsterdam. Opening this weekend September 10th 2022. https://www.amsterdamstreetart.com Check the nice artist line-up!
15. August 2022
To start my new partnership with URBANSHIT GALLERY Hamburg we are releasing a new limited print edtion today! "Waldo Dazzle Trooper" Based on the "Where Is The Waldo Trooper" cNFT that i designed for a free mint a few weeks ago, you now can purchase the art print version IRL here: https://www.urbanshit-gallery.com/en/art/waldo-dazzle-trooper/ Print details: • titel: "Waldo Dazzle Trooper" • size: 30,0 x 30,0 cm (approx: 11.8 x 11.8 inches) • limited edition of 50 • archival pigment...
20. June 2022
"Finally (like really finally!) i was able to finish this art piece this year! I started way back in 2003 to sew those helmets made of felt fabric for a set of 4x skateboards. But i never finished it back then. So the helmets ended up in a box in my basement. So in 2021 i was invited by ROLLING VINYL to contribute askateboard art piece and i decided to gat my hands back on this set. It took me literally another 12 month to have it ready then.... what a fight!! So here we go: it's up on the RV...
14. June 2022
"Schnapsteufel" Troops No.01-04 / from a limited edition of 10 ...just got minted! First drop from our The Cabinet Of Curiosities collection. Join our DISCORD to enter our FREE-giveaway contest on these first 4x NFTs!

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