21. November 2023
New limited print edition out now! "Rasselbande III" We are happy to announce the new chapter of the "Rasselbande" graffiti life story of FLYING FÖRTRESS (...and some unnamed friends...)! In colaboration with AFFENFAUST GALERIE in Hamburg St.Pauli. Rasselbande.... "little rascals". A nickname for cheeky kids as "rassel" refers to the sound of a baby's rattle... but also describes the sound of a spraycan when shaken. From the first "Rasselbande" print design the gang now turned older and mature...
04. November 2023
"FAT CAP JAM“ / new limited edition set It has been quite a while since we released a new edition of our infamous "Keychain Set" edition by MUFFINMAN & FLYING FÖRTRESS. So…. Here we go again! Set contains 1x "Fat Cap Jam" keychain in bag with header-card and 1x "Fat Cap Jam Trooper" digital art print. Limited handmade edition! details: - the keychain Teddy Trooper is filled with blotted "NY Fat Caps" used by FLYING FÖRTRESS on hid spray paint adventures - keychain handmade &...
27. September 2023
Blub! Blub-Blub! The next design from the kind-of "Underwater World"-themed series is ready to be dropped (into the ocean!)! "Deepsea Scuba Trooper" will be released as the "regular version" of the design. Exclusively for all Teddy Point holders! (see details in our Discord) And there will also be the "variant version" of it called "Deepsea Commando Trooper" which will be available for all public at the same time. All holders of the "Deepsea Commando Trooper" NFT will also have the chance to...
21. August 2023
A little same-same-series is available now. "Zeelanders Basic Red" / Edition of 4 original artworks painted by FLYING FÖRTRESS live in the webshop here: https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/category/artwork
08. August 2023
4x little artworks from the series "Cropped Variant" available here: https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/product/cropped-variant-artwork-series
07. July 2023
Still a few days left to grab a "Nautilus Trooper" NFT (regular version) for FREE by redeeming your Teddy Points over at our Collectors Portal! (you need to log-in via your Discord account). Also you can mint the variant version "Nautilus Red Sea Trooper" NFT for a few ADA coins. Holders of the "Nautilus Red Sea Trooper" also have the chance (each NFT counts as one "ticket"; so multibles possible!) to win a 1/1 IRL art print of the artwork, signed by FLYING FÖRTRESS. Mint is here (scroll...
06. July 2023
signierstunde. Hour of signing. i will be at the URBANSHIT GALLERY tomorrow Friday July 7th 2023 from 7pm. Signing my new Teddy Troops 6" vinyl figures "Shaved" & "Shark". Also we will also have a little selection of original new & known artworks, prints and new merch (new pins!) on display! The signed Teddy Troops will be available exclusively here: https://www.urbanshit-gallery.com/de/shop/kategorie/artist/flying-foertress/
25. May 2023
Finally! The 2x new 6" Teddy Troops just arrived at the ARTOYZ's port! The brand new (re)designed 6inch "Shark" and the "Shaved" Teddy Troopers. With these being released we do have the set-of-3 complete. Like with the 6" Basic Red Teddy Trooper we have all 3x original designs from the very first release in 2004: Basic (Red) - Shark - Shaved. Just BIGGER! (6inch instead of 3inch) ...and BETTER! (the new 2.0 shape by MUFFINMAN and with the removable helmet) Available here now:...
04. May 2023
"Vintage Toy" or "Cinema" colorway? Which one is your favourite? "Bob Trooper Vintage Toy Colorway" available here now: https://www.urbanshit-gallery.com/en/art/bob-trooper-vintage-toy-colorway/ "Bob Trooper Cinema Colorway" (private collection) May the Fört be with you!
27. April 2023
"Cropped Star Trooper" / series of 4 single artworks by FLYING FÖRTRESS. Looking good together as a set of 4 but also as a single piece in your collection! Artworks going live later today: April 27th, 2023 / 7pm CEST (10am PST) https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/category/artwork

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