07. January 2022
Head over to our new DISCORD! Everything related to the TEDDY TROOPS NFT release will be announced there first! Also we have a lot of extra things planned. Like raffle to get pre-released limited NFT editions. Or exclusively FÖRTRESS signed new vinyl toy figures! Or some vintae "hard to find" collectors items to win! .... and, and, and! Also: this is the place to get pre-sale list and mint details first! So JOIN THE TROOPS NOW! https://discord.com/invite/teddytroops And don't miss our TWITTER:...
07. January 2022
Find my little NFT collection right overe here: https://opensea.io/collection/fortressheritage
22. December 2021
A big thank-you to the Anonymous who picked up my "First Förtress Sticker" NFT over on Opensea.io In a way this is like a "late refund" for my very first investment to get stickers done to hit the streets in 2001. It was a bit more hustle to get some offset stickers back in those days... Literally i had to start collecting a bunch of designs from artist friends to set up a whole sticker-paper-panel to drop the price on the single sticker designs. And i still running this sticker game 20 years...
21. December 2021
For the first time in the new meta space the Teddy Troops jooining forces for some cool new colaboration designs. Togehter with the mind-blowing Acidcats we have a series of 9x 1/1 NFT minted on Opensea.io to start your collection! Acidcats are brought to you by Josh Thorsen aka Teens On Acid. We released this drop on his Opensea.io account. See & grab them here: https://opensea.io/collection/toacidcat Thank you for the support on our new travels to move things forward! (1/1 Grey Variant is...
10. December 2021
The new KRANKY series by SUPERPLASTIC is live now. And for all the Troops followers there is a special 3-4-2 deal on their website. Used code FFXKRANKY and put 3 blind boxes in your cart and you will pay only 2! ****People who want to use your offer will need to add THREE single blind boxes into their cart in order for the code to work!! LINK: https://bit.ly/flyingfortressxsuperplastic CODE: FFXKRANKY This code will be live 12/10/16 @ 12:00 AM EST until @ 12/16/21 12:00 PM EST...
05. December 2021
"TannenTrooper" / print design by FLYING FÖRTRESS Not exactely meant for X-mas... but it happened to have the print being released at this time of the year. But maybe this print ends up as a lovely gift under your Christmas tree....? Made for a solidarity and fund-raising project for an artist friend's creative project called "Tanne". But that project never happend so we have the prints here in stock. • 3-colors screen print • size: 30,0 x 42,0 cm (approx. 11.8 x 16.5 inches) • signed...
29. November 2021
... to conquer and occupy the meta galaxy in January 2022. More infos soon! Everything will happen on: www.teddytroops.io (soon!) Follow the Troops on TWITTER to be updated first! https://twitter.com/TeddyTroops
11. November 2021
misterpenfold and FLYING FÖRTRESS just dropped this exclusive colab artwork on canvas. PENFOLD put his hands on FÖRTRESS' No.10 from the "Nobody's Perfect" #teddytroops series... so this one is called "Nobody's alone!" and is up in PENFOLD's web-kios: https://penetpaper.bigcartel.com/product/nobodys-alone
30. October 2021
Have a look at this amazing set of custom "Samurai" Teddy Troops by AlexArtwork.s ! See them all in details in the Custom Gallery 5 Follow him on his channel: https://www.instagram.com/alexartwork.s/
20. October 2021
We just dropped the first series release of the 6" Teddy Trooper. Going with some classics first... some "basics" to build the bridge! "Basic 6" Teddy Trooper" - Red - Blue - Grey - Black 4x color-variants with individual insignias on the Trooper's head. OUT NOW! Get them at the headquarter: https://artoyz.com/shop/en/316-toyz/s-1/designer-flying_fortress

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