16. December 2020
Finally we are happy to be able to release our "DIY/CMYK" 4" Teddy Troops series. 4x strong colors right from the "Offset" and inkjet printing job. Head over to ARTOYZ.COM to grab your set!
16. December 2020
During the lockdown period in Spring 2020 FÖRTRESS joined forces with Thomas from COLORMAKERZ.CH to work out a colab project to keep the wheel spinning and turn the upcoming crisis into a chance. Here is the first of 2x print designs that is now up exclusively at the COLORMAKERZ webshop: the "Squidron Trooper"! A super clean and neat 9(!) colors screen print. Limited to 33 pcs! Size is 40x30cm. Printed on Conqueror Connoisseur 300g paper, 100% acid free cotton. Signed by FÖRTRESS / numbered...
10. December 2020
... just NOT right in time for X-mas shopping... We added a bunch of new gems in the shop. Orders will be collected untill Sunday December 13th to be sent out (maybe not to arrive in time for X-mas...). We will pause the shop for the rest of the year to take some.... rest.
07. December 2020
We just released the "Rasselbande" print 2020 limited edition with Affenfaust Gallery Hamburg. Originally the "Rasselbande" artwork was painted on canvas for FLYING FÖRTRESS' solo show "Will Spray For Good" and the first very limited print edition was released as a digital print at that time. Now the "Rasselbande" is a 7-color screenprint, highly detailed to catch the all the original flavour from the painting. Comes in a nice 70x50cm size. Signed, numbered by the artist and an embossed...
01. December 2020
"Mr. Bacon's Screenprint Art Calendar 2021" by Mr.Bacon aka Mr.P-Grfx. All pages (12+1) are multi-colored handprinted artworks! What a massive piece of handcrafted work! Check out the slightly "foam-ish" finish on the black outline on the Förtress' design/page! Available in a limited edition print run here: mrp-grfx.com Featured artists: Louis letters – Flyingförtress – Skao – Hedonism – Mr. P – Chrissekunst – Manoo stich – Rudolph – Möser – Rumillusion – Akut –...
13. November 2020
"Montana Goldzilla" / letterpress print by FLYING FÖRTRESS Have a look on these nice embossed letterpress details! Makes GOLDZILLA looking really realistic! King Of The Paint! Also this letterpress print has "edge painting"/Farbschnitt with original Montana GOLD spraypaint, so it looks even more rad when framed in a "floating" passepartout! In colaboration mit MONTANA CANS GERMANY. Printed in Germany by NoKiss.Print (instagram: nokiss.print) Details of the "Montana Goldzilla" print: • 3x...
05. November 2020
"La FÖRT Le La" - Another delicious ice-cold-beer colab project from FLYING FÖRTRESS (drinking hard to collect all the beer caps) and MUFFINMAN (casting all the kaychains on some weird drunk commands from Förtress...). Both the keychains and the print are based on FÖRTRESS' travel impressions on La Reunion Island earlier this year... his last trip before the worldwide lockdown... Bringing beer caps from the local beer brand and also developing the "Troopical Thunder" print design while...
11. October 2020
Time by time we stock the shelves with some easy-doodle works... Förtress' marker collection had to be re-activated... A little random selection below. Some are available here: https://teddytroops.bigcartel.com/category/artwork
01. September 2020
Several Teddy Troops related visuals for FÖRTRESS' little pop-up show/shop "Eendagsvlieg" at the SIDEWALK GALLERY — the "smallest gallery in the Netherlands"! — in Leeuwarden/NL last weekend. Contact the gallery for available art/prints/merch. A little stack of the "FDC Wingman NL Edition" prints made it in our shop: www.teddytroops.bigcartel.com
13. August 2020
Today starts the Kickstarter campain for the "CANBOT 3oz - Limited Blind Box Series 01" by CLUTTER Magazine. Head over and give your support so we can bring this to life and 3D vinyl! "Limited edition collectible toys by 16 world-famous artists. Brought to you by the original Toy Mafia Clutter & UK street artist Czee13" And guess who's onboard...? Yes! Our Basic Teddy Trooper joins forces! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clutter/canbot-3oz-limited-edition-art-toy-blindbox-series

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