Teddy Troops NFT


All about the Teddy Troops NFT project you find here on: www.teddytroops.io



In March 2022 FLYING FÖRTRESS and his team of Cardano blockchain enthusiasts released the 5410x Teddy Troops NFT drop.





If you missed our mint or if you want to flip'n'flop your NFTroops you can check the whole collection of the 5410x Teddy Troops NFT series on the secondary market any time. NFA - No financial advice! DYOR - Do your own research!


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Beside the OG series of 5410x Teddy Troops NFT there were also some special editions released on the Cardano blockchain.


- Teddy Troops - Hosky Trooper Limited Edition

- Teddy Troops - Early Birds Limited Edition

- Teddy Troops - Streuner On The Roadmap Limited Edition

- Teddy Troops - DIY Edition

- Teddy Troops - The Carbinet Of Curiosities

- Teddy Troops - Whale Shark Edition


More art to come on our way.

Satrt your digital collection now!

All details about our NFTs you can find here on: www.teddytroops.io


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