"Finally later today we gonna release some nice new stuff that we had been working on for quite a long time. I hooked up with my brother (my real brother, not one of those hundreds "brother from another mother" graff buddies... no, my brother from my mother! ha!) to bring you some great cross-over things from both of our personal passions. Together we started our journey into graffiti back then when we were younger and we've been through some crazy good times! Stories & memories! While i kept going further into graffiti and art on my side, my brother turned into a dedicated coffee-ista. Roasting his own little company's coffee beans and running the neat coffee manufactory Markt 11 in the city of Jena/Germany. In the past i already did a lot of design work for his company but now we did a equal colaboration as a true family thing.

I couldn't stand to call the whole project "Blümchenkaffee". A German expression that is like the worst credit for a cup of served coffee. It's an old-fashioned term for "a very thin coffee". So extremely thin that you could see the "Blümchen" (floral) decor on the bottom of the porcelain cups...
Always thinking things from the other side... " FLYING FÖRTRESS

Later today we gonna drop all those new items here and on Förtress' brother company website: