"ET420" / New Keychains

A "50-years anniversary" kindalike thing.
My beloved S-train model from back in the days... the legendary "ET420"!
And also: "Briefmarkensammeln" (stamp collecting)!
Another dying breed. Brought together in this new keychain project.
Featuring some nice little gems like a specially designed stamp and an unused stamp on the headercard and a few used stamps inside the bag.


The latest limited edition of our keychain colab series...
Handmade Teddy Trooper keychains.
Cast by the one-and-only MUFFINMAN!
Limited edition of 15 pcs only! (One pcs per customer only!)


Set contains:

• 1x handmade "ET420" keychain by MUFFINMAN
• each is a one-of-a-kind unique copy!
• super limited edition of 15 pcs!
• each keychain comes in bag with exclusive designed header-card
• each bag is numbered on the backside of the header-card
• set comes with 1x "Dragontöter pt.2" t-shirt (size of your choice)


Set is SOLD OUT!

But the "Dragontöter pt.2" t-shirt is still available in the shop!