Tigerschnegel King



FÖRTRESS: "i am doing my first ever spring gardening in my new place and i am just coming across so many new and unknown things, plants and animals. The tigerslug/Tigerschnegel is a spiecies of the nudibranch/Nacktschnecke. But the kind of a „good slugs“ as the Tigerschnegel is predatory and cannibalic to the other „bad slugs“, eating their clutches and even whole slugs. It is a gardener’s sweetheart as it helps to protect your vegetable beds! #keepthemalive So beside the „tiger“ within its name this self-destruction within the slug breed also reminded me on the behavior of all the actors and their story in the #netflix documentary... somehow. So this is my today’s quick contribution to the trending meme hype... with a little Förtress twist!"

#nacktschnecke #tigerschnegel #somethingsilly #teddytroops

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