"FÖRTBRÄU" / New keychain Set

These new sets gonna get online tomorrow MAY 16th 2020 / 2pm CET!




- „FÖRTBRÄU“ / new keychain limited edition / set
- design concept by FLYING FÖRTRESS / keychain hand-made by MUFFINMAN
- set contains 1x keychain + 1x print + 1x big sticker pack
- limited edition of 20 sets
- keychain is numbered on backside of the header card
- each unique artwork / unique used beer cap inside / handmade / collector’s item
- comes in set with 1x limited print „Wingman Blue“ / 3-color screen print /
  edition of 20 / size: 16,4x9,3 cm / signed, numbered & embossed FÖRTRESS logo
- set contains also big sticker pack (100pcs / mixed designs / some doubles or
 triples but at least 30 original designs / just everything we have & everything you need!
IMPORTANT: only 1x set per customer!

Red-mark your calendar! Be quick!!