"La FÖRT Le La" / New Keychain Set

"La FÖRT Le La" - Another delicious ice-cold-beer colab project from FLYING FÖRTRESS (drinking hard to collect all the beer caps) and MUFFINMAN (casting all the kaychains on some weird drunk commands from Förtress...).

Both the keychains and the print are based on FÖRTRESS' travel impressions on La Reunion Island earlier this year... his last trip before the worldwide lockdown... Bringing beer caps from the local beer brand and also developing the "Troopical Thunder" print design while chilling at the island's beach & palms landscape....


Handmade Teddy Trooper keychains.
Cast by the one-and-only MUFFINMAN!
Limited edition of 20 pcs/sets only! (One pcs per customer only!)
In colaboration with URBANSHIT Gallery / Hamburg.

Set contains:
• 1x handmade "La FÖRT Le La" keychain by MUFFINMAN
• each is a one-of-a-kind unique handmade copy!
• super limited edition of 20 pcs!
• each keychain comes in bag with exclusive designed "La Fört Le La" header-card
• each bag is numbered on the backside of the header-card
• set comes with 1x "Troopical Thunder" print / print size: 30x30cm / 3-color screenprinted / signed & numbered & embossed FÖRTRESS Logo (Note: print is unframed!)