R2D2 Troopers for charity

This little robot with a rose (and heart).

While the first "Star Wars - Jawas" related series of hand-drawinn Troopers was purely for my "personal consumption" (buying "LEGO Star Wars" for the kids&me to kill some time during lockdown no.2)...

...this first series of 10x "R2D2 Troopers" will raise money for charity!

All profit made goes to "Förderverein Winternotprogramm für Obdachlose" (shelter & warm food for Hamburg's homeless people during this freezy winter times).
So 100% of the brutto coins made with sales of these little robots will be donated!
VAT & PAYPAL-fee from all sales is on me — i will take that to make it a round sum! I will provide donation-receipt later then on my social media channel (see Instagram).
Thank you to help helping!
Bleep bleep!


i just send the collected donation straight to the charitable society!

This is the first set of 10x drawings (plus 2x additional A.P.s extra / they have a few "weird extra ink" on it... test run... see photos). I made it a total series of 22 (... R2D2... you get it!). Not sure if i have the nerves & time to draw the missing 12x pieces... let's see. So you better grab it now to make sure you own it and you helped me to help! :-)

• original handdrawn artworks by FLYING FÖRTRESS
• alcohol-markers on 220g/qm Hahnemühle FineArt Aquarell D'Aqua paper
• size: 24 x 17 cm / approx. 9.4 x 6.7 inches
• signed by the artist
• edition of 22 / 10 available now
• year: 2021
Additional shipping.