"SPAM Musubi Hawaiian" / new keychain set

„SPAM Musubi Hawaiian“ / limited edition / keychain & artwork set


Another deliciouscolab project from FLYING FÖRTRESS and MUFFINMAN.
Specially created for the upcoming toy convention "ALOHA CON" at the "From The Heart" venue in Honululu on Island Hawaii.

Release date: March 6th 2021


Set contains:
• based on FLYING FÖRTRESS’ travel memories toHawaii Island a few years ago
• design concept by FLYING FÖRTRESS / "Trooper Keychain" & "Spam Musubi" handmade & molded by MUFFINMAN
• "Trooper Keychain" contains 1x handmade „Spam Musubi“ by MUFFINMAN inside!
set contains: 1x keychain „SPAM Musubi Hawaiian" & 1x handdrawn „SPAM Trooper“ original artwork
• limited edition of 20 sets only!
• original artwork „SPAM Trooper“ by FLYING FÖRTRESS / multi-color marker on paper / 220 gm Hahnemühle D’Aqua paper / size: 24x17 cm / edition of 20 / signed & numbered / year: 2021
• keychain is numbered on backside of the header card (KC & artwork carry the same edition number!)
• comes with free „SPAM Trooper“ stickers


IMPORTANT: only 1x set per customer!