"Blauer Börsen Bär" / Artwork Series

People keep asking for some "small Trooper canvases"... so here we go!
We have a series of 5x identical (same-same-but-different) blue Troopers on canvas.

"Blauer Börsen Bär" - "Blue Exchange Bear"



We will do an "stock-exchange"-style release here... supply and demand!
Angebot und Nachfrage!
A bit like a bargain "share issue" release price at the beginning... with rising stock prices one after another to reach "regular value".

Once the first is gone, we drop the next one... and so on.
So be quick to be an early trader!

No. 1/5: issue price: SOLD!
No. 2/5: price: ...?
No. 3/5: price: ...?



- "Blauer Börsen Bär"
- original artwork series by FLYING FÖRTRESS
- series of 5x "same-same-but-different" canvases
- size each: 40x40 cm / approx. 15.7 x 15.7 inches
- material: acrylic paint on canvas (clean AF!)
- year: 2021
- comes with free pin & sticker set

Additional shipping.
Insured shipping / tracking-number provided.
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