"R.E.S.S. Set Decks" / Skateboard Art

"Finally (like really finally!) i was able to finish this art piece this year!

I started way back in 2003 to sew those helmets made of felt fabric for a set of 4x skateboards. But i never finished it back then. So the helmets ended up in a box in my basement. So in 2021 i was invited by ROLLING VINYL to contribute askateboard art piece and i decided to gat my hands back on this set. It took me literally another 12 month to have it ready then.... what a fight!!


So here we go: it's up on the RV webshop:




- titel: "R.E.S.S. Set Decks" (yes... K.I.S.S.!)


- in colaboration with ROLLING VINYL STORE

- set of for handpainted skateboard decks

- year: 2003 & 2022

- comes with signed certificate card