"Rasselbande III" / new print edition

New limited print edition out now!


"Rasselbande III"


We are happy to announce the new chapter of the "Rasselbande" graffiti life story of FLYING FÖRTRESS (...and some unnamed friends...)!

In colaboration with AFFENFAUST GALERIE in Hamburg St.Pauli.


Rasselbande.... "little rascals". A nickname for cheeky kids as "rassel" refers to the sound of a baby's rattle... but also describes the sound of a spraycan when shaken.


From the first "Rasselbande" print design the gang now turned older and mature (aka Dad-life-boring...). So this is the next (but not the last) chapter of FÖRTRESS' graffiti life history and a hommage to tfe that changes while it moves forward unstoppable. So again the design features some vintage oldschool spraycans enjoying their days.


Print details:


- "Rasselbande III" by FLYING FÖRTRESS

- size: 70x50cm

- high pigmented giclée print

- signed and numbered by the artist

- embossed FÖRTRESS logo

- year: 2023

- edition of 50

- without frame / shipped rolled


Price: 120€

plus additional shipping


Available only at the gallery's website here:





There is also a special deal on the "Rasselbande I & III" set:



"Rasselbande I-III" is currently on display at AFFENFAUST GALERIE for the group show "Mistaken Identities". FLYING FÖRTRESS also painted the "Rasselbande III" as a big wall mura inside the gallery.