"Urban Spree Coloring Book Vol.1" / new book release

URBAN SPREE in Berlin just released the first edition of their coloring book. Featuring a couple of illustrations in b&w from FLYING FÖRTRESS.

So get your copy and take out your markers & crayons and add some "bunt" to the pages!



"Urban Spree Coloring Book Vol.1" available here:






Text from their website:

"Urban Spree Coloring Book Vol.1 is our first coloring book and it features the works of 12 artists from our lovely Urban Spree family.
In this first volume, we present a large diversity of illustration styles inspired by urban art, muralism and graffiti, ready to be colored in the most beautiful way! 
Huge thanks to our Resident Artist Rylsee who has drawn the cover and backcover.
We are super grateful to all the artists for their friendly participation in this new publishing project, a perfect way to kickstart 2024! 


Participating artists

Base 23 (InstagramWebsite)

Bene Rohlmann (InstagramWebsite)

Flying Förtress (Instagram, Website)

Ghoo (Instagram)

Go-tam (Instagram, Website)

Jim Avignon (Instagram, Website)

Joanna Winograd (InstagramWebsite)

Mina Mania (Instagram)

NeSpoon (InstagramWebsite)

Roman Klonek (InstagramWebsite)

Riot 1394 (InstagramWebsite)

Rylsee (InstagramWebsite)



52 pages

Published by Urban Spree Books

Released in 2024"