Teddy Troops 2.0 / Series 01


Teddy Troops 2.0 — Series 01 contains 10 new designs

(5 unique designs in two color-ways each)


  • Basic Trooper (Original Red Version)
  • Flying Fortress B17 Trooper (Olive Version)
  • Ladri Di Biciclette Trooper (Italy Version)
  • Skunk Trooper (Black Version)
  • Spraycan Trooper (Original Version)
  • Basic Trooper (Blue Variant)
  • Flying Fortress B17 Trooper (Oceanic Variant)
  • Ladri Di Biciclette Trooper (Champion Variant)
  • Skunk Trooper (Orange Variant)
  • Spraycan Trooper (Chrome Variant)


There are also some gimmicks like the gas-mask and airplane-wings.

The Series 01 comes in a window-boxed packaging.